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Rapidly analyse and document your actual process and transaction usage. Provides immediate savings in Cost of Ownership and reduction of customisations. Integrates with SAP® Solution Manager for fast-track SAP Netweaver® upgrades.

Convert and integrate process model content within the leading tools: SAP Solution Manager, ARIS, Visio, Nimbus Control, ProVision and Oracle

Methods, compliance and industry reference models, including ARIS Support and e-Learning for ARIS and BPM.

ARIS and Visio Conversion

ECL has the tools and techniques to quickly generate high quality process models converted between ARIS and Visio, in both directions.

These have already been successfully deployed at some of the largest ARIS users. We believe that we have the most comprehensive and flexible options available today, supporting your own Visio legacy diagrams and stencils, which can be scanned quickly and accurately, along with your ARIS project method filters.

Visio conventional flowcharts and swim-lanes can be transformed into ARIS EPCs (row / column) or BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation). ECL offers in-depth, practical experience of applying ARIS and Visio in projects, providing independent, expert knowledge of these business process modelling tools.

We will be pleased to discuss the integration of specific modelling tools to match your particular needs. Through our combined resource network, we can propose cost-effective solutions. Please contact ECL on +UK (0)1926 882674 or US Office +1 (617) 418 4585.