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Rapidly analyse and document your actual process and transaction usage. Provides immediate savings in Cost of Ownership and reduction of customisations. Integrates with SAP® Solution Manager for fast-track SAP Netweaver® upgrades.

Convert and integrate process model content within the leading tools: SAP Solution Manager, ARIS, Visio, Nimbus Control, ProVision and Oracle

Methods, compliance and industry reference models, including ARIS Support and e-Learning for ARIS and BPM.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP Redocumentation? Also known as 'Process Analysis for SAP', this provides a rapid analysis of your actual usage of SAP processes, transactions and reports (including customisations).
How can I build an SAP Business Blueprint quickly? Process Analysis for SAP provides a quick-start for your SAP Blueprinting by 'content-filling' SolMan with your 'as-is' processes and transactions. This can also be integrated with ARIS and Nimbus Control.
Where can I get support for SAP Redocumentation? ECL is the official UK representative for SAP Redocumentation ('Process Analysis for SAP'), providing sales and technical support.
Where can I get support for ARIS for SAP Netweaver? ECL provides quick-start and cost-effective ARIS for SAP Workshops for SAP project teams working with ARIS.
How do I use ARIS and Nimbus Control with SAP Solution Manager? ECL has developed a pragmatic and simplified approach. Guidelines facilitate SAP implementation teams to deliver real value from these tools.
Where can I get support for ARIS for Business Process Modelling? ECL provides quick-start and cost-effective ARIS Support and e-learning modules to introduce process teams to ARIS.
How can I import Visio and Excel models into ARIS, or export ARIS to Visio? We provide fast and high quality conversions as a fixed-price service.
How can I generate valuable Excel- or document-based reports from ARIS? We provide support and a pre-defined library of ARIS reports. We also custom-build reports to customer requirements.

For more information, please contact ECL on +UK (0)1926 882674 or US Office +1 (617) 418 4585.